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The Cherry Grove Community Association’s annual Honors Awards were created in 2006 to recognize and pay tribute to those in our community who have made notable outstanding and enduring contributions to Cherry Grove. In 2010, we added the “Spotlight” awards, a special recognition for those no longer with us or those who live outside our community but made their considerable mark on us nonetheless. So far, sixty individuals have received awards. To help you craft an award nomination submission, here are some things to bear in mind:

1)  The nominee should have made an outstanding and enduring contribution that has benefitted the larger community of Cherry Grove and is generally understood as such by residents.

2)  The nominee should have made this contribution over time, demonstrating a continuing commitment to the community and its quality of life.

3)  Nominators should detail the contributions of the nominee as fully as possible and explain why these have had positive effects on our community.

4)  Multiple nominations of the same candidate do not necessarily enhance the nominee’s chances of winning. The selection process does take into consideration how many nominations for a single person have been received, but it is not the determining factor.

5)  In the case of multiple nominations for the same individual, each nomination should reflect the individual thoughts of the nominator.  It is not necessary to submit multiple copies of the same nomination with different signatures. Instead, it would be more significant to see the nominee presented from different perspectives.

6)  You can fill out the Online Nomination Form above, or download and use the PDF Nomination Form on the homepage at www.cgcai.org and email it to Diane Romano. Hard-copy forms are available from various Board members. If you have any questions please email Diane.

7)  Nominations are closed as of January 31st of each year. Based on information in the submissions and our own perceptions, the CGCAI Board of Directors selects winners at its February meeting and announces their names at the first General Membership meeting in May.

8)  Nominees will be honored at the next annual Honors Dinner held in August, 2020.




2019 -
James Fallon, Eddie Fraser, Gerri Losquadro

2018 -
Anita Auricchio, Evelyn Danko & Valerie Perez, Jack Dowling, Ruth & Susan Freedner

2017 -
Walter Kowalsky, George McGarvey, Roland Michely, Sue Panzer

2016 -
Sam Green & Chris Lacovara, Ceejay Rosen & Peg Ryan, Jack Ruolo & Richard Cooley, Maggie McCorkle

2015 -
Brian Clark & Troy Files, Gina Garan, Richard Schack, Lois McIntosh

2014 -
Alison Brackman, Don & Judy Hester, Lorraine H. Michels, Jeanne Skinner

2013 -
Gary Greene & Luis Valentin, Sal Piro, Philip Stoehr, Glen Boles

2012 -
Matt Baney, Michael Coffindaffer, Carl Luss, Wallace Forstell

2011 -
Audrey Hartmann, Richard “Bella” Iorio, Donald LaBohn, Joe Sciallo

2010 -
Arthur C. Cohen, Robert Levine, George Oakley, Ginny Fields

2009 -
David Bullock, Thom Hansen, Doreen Rallo & Bobbie Green

2008 -
Joan Van Ness, Pierre Galarneau & Frank Santoro

2007 -
Dominic DeSantis, Anna Tirado, MD, Joanne Tavis

2006 -
Michael Romanelli, Harold Seeley, Bill “Violet” Silver