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News & Happenings

[SOCH] -- * 11-2015 - See the latest Community House PHOTOS HERE! *

. Download the PDF so you can submit your nomination(s) for next year's Honors Event. Deadline for nominations is January 31, 2016. Instructions & nomination guidelines are on the form...

[SOCH] -- 10/31/15 - Pilings for the new Community House addition have been installed! Click here for a peek... 

[SOCH] -- 10/08/15 - UPDATE from Diane R : "The progress on the Community House continues. As you can see from the photo we posted last week, our Community House has been stripped back to it's core, and that core was structurally reinforced 3 years ago to ensure that it would remain standing. Our beloved theater <READ MORE>

[SOCH] -- 10/02/15 - UPDATE from Toni C"We had been cruising along with the demolition due to the great weather we were having, but Mother Nature gave us a slap in the face this week. Despite the inclement weather, we will be wrapping up the demo next week while we continue with the site work. The plan over the next two weeks is to continue removing debris, install the septic system, install the siding on the south elevation of the theater (where the old boardroom was removed), and install the new electrical service once the siding is complete."

[SOCH] -- **** 9/22/15 - THE DEMOLITION/RENOVATION FOR THE COMMUNITY HOUSE has BEGUN! Click here to see all the construction photos ****

[SOCH] -- Our July 18th "100,000 SUPERHEROES" FUNDRAISER raised over $75,000 for SOCH ! Extra special thanks to Sam & Chris, our wonderful super-hosts. And, many thanks to all the party attendees, and generous SuperHero donors. It was a really fabulous time - POW!!!!!!

[SOCH] -- New SOCH Donation Opportunities are still currently available in connection with our "100.000 SUPERHEROES" Fundraiser on July 18th. Read about our "SuperHero Medals", & "SuperHero Observation Deck" donation options right HERE. For additional information, email Frank B at: fborsas@verizon.net

[SOCH] -- Check out our current SOCH "NAMING OPPORTUNITIES" for the soon-to-be rebuilt Community House. Be a part of our Community House and Cherry Grove's legacy. You can see the available NAMING OPPS H-E-R-E. For info, email Frank B

[SOCH] -- To see the SOCH MAJOR DONOR LIST (08-18-15), CLICK HERE...

[SOCH] -- Take a look at our Landmark-Status Sign, specially made for the Community House. Many thanks to George McGarvey for making this happen!

*The Cherry Grove Community House is listed as part of the National Register of Historic Places* - Our Community House is an LGBT Historic LANDMARK...

Cherry Grove NOISE COMPLAINT INFO. Download the pdf for your reference. Have a noise complaint? - Read attached form, or email: CherryGroveNoise@att.net

[SOCH] -- We would like to thank our generous SOCH Corporate Sponsors: NY STATE OFFICE of PARKS, RECREATION & HISTORIC PRESERVATION and AMERICAN EXPRESS

The NorthShore LIJ DOCTOR'S HOUSE is located at 153 Doctor's Walk (@ Bayview). The office is staffed during the summer season daily from 9-11am & 4-6pm  Phone: 631-597-6767 or 631-854-8382   [call 911 for a medical emergency] 
Our Cherry Grove EMS Service is up and running. If you have a medical emergency, CALL 911, and EMS will be there ASAP. *please note: Grove EMS service is available from may1 > sept30

2015 "TRASH TALK" Newsletter is here from our friends at CGPOA: Click here for all the town trash & recycling information you need to know...

[SOCH] -- 03/2015 - Our Town of Brookhaven Buliding Permit has been received!

Get a copy of photographer Lorraine Michel's newest book: "The Invasion of The Pines" Contact Lorraine at: photocgfd@aol.com for more info

[SOCH] -- 11/2014 - SOCH has received a grant in the amount of $334,863.00 awarded by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. AMAZING!!

[SOCH] -- 12/2013 - SOCH has just received a $25,000 grant from American Express Company. Such excellent news!

Lorraine Michel's book: "Celebrating the Heart of Cherry Grove: 1948-2013"  is still available. EMAIL LORRAINE to get your copy.

DONATE to SAVE-OUR-COMMUNITY-HOUSE & CGCAI today! To pay via paypal or credit card, visit our DONATE page. Thanks for your continued support!




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